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You Need Yourself Is Now AVAILABLE!

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#YNYS is finally available!  Also, as a gift, for the FIRST 30 days. IT IS HALF-OFF!  Get your copy today!!

Hello everyone! Moncrief, your author here.  The wait is now over.  “You Need Yourself” is finally here!  It’s been a LONG time coming but it is now ready for your consumption!

“You Need Yourself” is the short and concise guide to changing your life It is readily available on all the major book websites

iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo & Audible!
Get your copy today!

Don’t have the time to read?  Don’t worry, I got you covered as well!  I’ve also recorded an AUDIO BOOK FORMAT for those that rather listen! Get your copy on iTunes, Amazon or Audible today! Press play and go!

Be sure to gift this project to anyone that you may think can use this information as well!  The official social media handlers are #YNYS & #YouNeedYourself.  I’ll be interacting with those who got their copy so lets make this thing fun!


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