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The “You Need Yourself” project came into fruition because I noticed that the people of this world have been pushing themselves in the wrong direction. It’s like we’ve given up on being better individuals

You Need Yourself” was created for people to understand the first steps in making a better “You.”  I kept it short, sweet and to the point.  Expandable, but concise. I’ve even recorded an audiobook version for people on the go. If you KNOW that you need to be a better person or even if you WANT to become a better person then #YNYS was made just for you!

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Author, director, designer and narrator of “You Need Yourself”

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Tyler Moncrief was a straight arrow kind of kid growing up.  He was always into technology.  Never into any form of art.  He never knew he had an artistic bone in his body.  He picked up “the pen” a long time ago. Jotting down his thoughts and ideas as he grew through a decade of having the absolute lowest self-esteem ever.

As time passed him by, he continued teaching himself. He kept improving and kept working himself.  Not one day passed where he’d let up on being better than his yesterday. He then began to find the ultimate joy in his life.  Creativity!  Now Moncrief, an award winning creative one man army, focuses all of his newly found talents on creating something the world can enjoy

Just now starting the “prime of his life”, Moncrief is determined to help improve the culture in some way, shape or form.  He wants to create projects that the world all over can participate in.  With such big dreams and aspirations, he hopes to find himself even more and impact his generation and the next!
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